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Do you negotiate and sign your own Steamship Line contracts? For clients who have the expertise to summarize their global ocean contracts in house across many vendors, we offer a second layer of support. We can manage those contracts as well as the process of orders and shipments through our internal portal. In this process you can benefit with the support of our teams in booking and shipment confirmations, optimization of contract fulfillment, as well as end to end cargo visibility through our global tracking portal.


You have a dependable transportation partner. You have established a proficient supply chain that compliments your business and client model. Your business is growing. You now face the challenge of ensuring that your products are readily available throughout your supply chain for continuity to your consumers. We offer customized Purchase Order Management solutions to view, process, analyze and optimize product orders and fulfillment requirements so that your expert-built supply chain model succeeds in every way. Planning for production and delivery dates is a crucial key to success. Even the best global transportation model can fail without the right planning support. You can look to Blu to offer industry-leading solutions to Purchase Order Management, tied into our global technology platforms.


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